Experience The “One-Minute Logbook Review”

The global pandemic ravaged commercial aviation. Marginal companies closed up shop. Even the strong cut back, and some furloughed pilots. With only a few exceptions (notably cargo haulers), hiring came to a screeching halt. We are finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel. TSA flow-through numbers continue ticking up as airports show signs of life — now routinely over 2M per day! United, Frontier, Spirit, JetBlue and Horizon are interviewing, with Delta announcing it will be hiring again in the fall.  FedEx is still hot. Others will likely jump in to keep competitors from gobbling up all the talent. Regionals beginning to fill their ranks as the major dilute their pilot pool. It’s getting interesting. Stay tuned.

Even with this good news, every pilot-candidate needs to step up his or her game to compete for these prized jobs. So, what must you do to hear “Congratulations! You are being offered a conditional position with [name your dream company]”?

First: Stop thinking of your logbook as just that. Instead, see it for what it really is—a sales and marketing tool. The product? YOU. How you organize and present your materials makes a huge statement about you. A well thought out “logbook package” compliments your new suit or outfit, and delivers many benefits:

  • Saves the interviewer’s time (very much appreciated).
  • Conveys that you are conscientious, organized, and detail-oriented.
  • Says “I really want this job and I went the extra mile to impress you.”
  • Reflects the level of polish and professionalism majors carriers expect.
  • Reduces your stress level.
  • Results in a short (usually a minute or two) logbook review (“there is nothing to see here”).

Second: DO NOT put this off. You may be surprised with a short date interview. Checklist:

  • If you still rely on paper logbooks, choose a good logbook software and convert to digital ASAP.
  • If you already use logbook software, have your report professionally audited. (See our blog about why you should never audit your own logbooks.)
  • Correct errors uncovered during the logbook audit.
  • Have your logbook report professionally printed by us or a print shop (you can bring it to date right before your interview). You can print it yourself if you have a laser printer with double-sided (duplex) capability and a full toner cartridge.
  • Produce summaries (2-4 usually suffice) right before your interview.
  • Print copies of your certificates, endorsements, etc. from your old logbooks and place them in your logbook (our organizer tabs come in handy here).
  • Create a Table of Career Milestones and flag all your milestones with printed numbered or lettered tabs (avoid post-its or other items that are handwritten or could fall off).

These tried-and-true gouges are sure to get you smiles, compliments, and that “You’re hired” email.

For assistance with paper-to-digital conversion and logbook audits, contact our partner, AcuLog.