LogTen Pro Printing Tips

Courtesy:  Raya Lieberman

(LogTen Pro by Coradine Aviation)

You’ve decided to use Prosoft’s professional binders and paper to print a beautiful logbook– great choice! Here are a few steps you should take first to prepare your LogTen Pro logbook for printing. You want to ensure that everything is perfect before going to print. You want your logbook to look stunning and professional, and ensure it’s 100% accurate.

FIRST: The most important step is to generate LogTen Pro’s special Flight Audit Report. This report scans through the data in your logbook and identifies common errors such as duplicate entries, entries with no total time, entries missing aircraft types, and more. Instead of checking each flight in your logbook line by line, this report speeds the process, highlighting the entries with possible issues, saving a lot of time.

SECOND: Make sure you review your crew data input. Often pilots have another crew member mistakenly set as ‘This is me’ which causes that pilot’s name to appear automatically on the front page of reports instead of yours. Double-check that your own entry has the full name you would like to appear on your cover page. Alternatively, you can turn off ‘This is me’ if you prefer no name to appear. Better yet? Ask Prosoft’s team to set up a custom cover page to coordinate with their binder graphics.

THIRD: Now you’re ready to generate the logbook report in preparing for printing. Download the custom Prosoft Jeppesen Pro 27 pilot logbook report to your LogTen Pro application. This custom report has been created specifically for Prosoft customers, ensuring the best layout for printing..

FOURTH: Review your PDF file before sending it for printing. Because you can customize the date range or group of flights that you add to your printed report, double-check that all of the dates and flights you want are included.

Now you’re all ready to print. It’s really as easy as that!

Don’t have LogTen Pro yet? Visit https://coradine.com/prosofttrial to download LogTen Pro to your iPhone, iPad and/pro Mac. Tell us that you are a Prosoft Customer and get a 3-month free trial of our full version and 12-23%!

Happy flying!

Raya Lieberman ([email protected])