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Binders and accessories for professional pilots, attorneys and financial planners.


Pilot Logbooks

Prosoft Pilot Logbook Binders and accessories are tailored to the needs of professional commercial pilots. See our Interview Resources for best practices when preparing your logbook for an interview.


Legal Binders

Impress your clients with a personalized or custom binder from Prosoft Binders. We can stamp your logo on one of our stock binders or create something unique.

What Our Customers Are Saying

My Logbook was absolutely perfect! So perfect in fact, my interviewer spent less than 1 minute looking through it. The “pouch” with my documents was a great help and he said “This is excellent!”. I cannot thank you enough for doing the job so quickly and ensuring I got it in time for my interview. I DID get the job. I was offered and accepted the position with [Company] and I’m positive my logbook helped score some points on my interview. Thank you again for the quick work and if I ever need anything with my logbook again, you will be the first person I reach out to.

Jason E. Irving, TX

It is a great binder. I am an airline pilot. And this binder is great for the day of your interview and the rest of your carrier. Recommend buying the paper as well. Light green. Very profesional looking binder , great quality and customer service.

Russel Hall Amazon Customer

Great looking log book. I printed out my electronic logbook and presented this binder at my airline interview. It looked very sharp. Side note: I ordered the coordinating tabs/dividers directly from Prosoft but didn't use them because the tabs were too large. Only 2 were visible - the rest stacked behind. I needed 5-6 visible from the front page. Ended up using some generic white tabs from an office supply store. They worked better and were only 1.5" long - so all sections were visible from the first page.

M.P. Amazon Customer

Cannot thank Prosoft enough! Trish was super helpful in making sure the file I sent here was formatted correctly and would look great. After placing my order, she followed up to confirm what day I needed it by and she really came through for me. Binder looked great, the printing was excellent, the customer service was wonderful, and I got the job! Thank you!

Jason From Atlanta

I finally got home and was able to see my logbook in person. I just wanted to let you know that everything is absolutely perfect and thank you for such a professional job! I am very impressed and pleased with the final product. I am very excited to see the reaction when I hand my logbook to the interviewers. Thank you again.

Sean G Tiger, GA

Not only are the products professional and neat the customer service is truly next level. Even with shipping issues outside of the control of Prosoft, Trish bent over backwards to help me be prepared for my interview at a small box shipping company based in MEM. I recommend Prosoft to all my friends.

T.W. Prosoft Customer

Great product and outstanding customer support. Trish was extremely helpful. Only negative is the material for the binder & matching portfolio. They have a nice “leather-like” padded appearance and look very professional but they are vinyl. Would have been willing to pay a little extra for an actual leather option. That being said, this was by far the best company I could find for a professional looking product, great customer service, and a reasonable price.

Steve O. Virginia Beach

My Logbook was absolutely perfect!  So perfect in fact, my interviewer spent less than 1 minute looking through it.  The “pouch” with my documents was a great help and he said “This is excellent!”.  I cannot thank you enough for doing the job so quickly and ensuring I got it in time for my interview.  I was offered and accepted the position with [Airline] and I’m positive my logbook helped score some points on my interview.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Average rating: 4.75 based on 124 reviews

Airline Interview Package

I can't thank this team enough for an absolutely outstanding product. When you buy a product, you don't just get the physical object, but you also receive a ton of information regarding best practices to setup your logbook and plenty of resources to make the logbook your own. You also get the support of an absolutely incredible team. Thank you so much Trish and Diane! You are awesome. Highly recommend this product!

Airline Interview Package

Absolutely phenomenal product and ESPECIALLY their customer service. Due to an oversight on my part, the customized binder that I ordered did not arrive as early as I expected. Prosoft printed my new inserts, and brought an non-customized binder to the conference that I was attending and loaned it to me for the duration of the conference. The airlines that I did meet and greets with all had positive feedback from our discussions and those that saw the binder said it was all very professional looking. Having such a wonderful product helped to set me at ease during meet and greets and I have already secured inteviews based on how those went. Thanks Prosoft!

Airline Interview Package

What can I say about the team at Prosoft?
Above and beyond in every respect. I would say that you are buying more than just a logbook binder. You are getting experience. The kind of expertise that comes from having helped hundreds of pilots prepare for interviews at a variety of companies and receiving direct feedback of what the interviewers thought of their logbooks. Having all my flight time records displayed in such a presentable package allowed me to focus my attention on the multitude of potential questions I was faced with on interview day. Not only did the interviewers comment on how well organized my logbooks were, they appreciated the extra effort on my part to present them with easily digestible information. I left my interview with a CJO! Big thanks to the Prosoft team!!

Airline Interview Package

Exceeded my expectations. What a fantastic human being Trish is! Guided me throughout the process and took her time to explain everything to me step by step. Couldn’t believe when I received an email saying your product has been shipped, it literally took less than 2 days to have the logbook in my hands. Thanks again for this fantastic product and 10 star customer service!!!!

Airline Interview Package

I really appreciate the direct contact received as soon as I ordered to check that I was going to have everything I needed! It really shows how great of a company y’all are running. The level of customer service is unheard of anymore! I was a bit skeptical at first but it was worth every penny!

The logbook committee at American Airlines not only thanked me for coming so prepared but used my logbook as an example to the few people who showed up unprepared. I believe everyone who didn’t have a prepared logbook were unfortunately not selected when moving to the review board. They really loved the flight summary sheets and the breakdowns. Thank you!

Logbook Printing Service

ProSoft Binders is an extremely valuable resource to all aviators preparing for an interview, and an absolute must. The professional attention to the product is amazing, and the customer service is top tier.

Airline Interview Package

Amazing product! The best customer service I have ever experienced! I was honestly on the fence about doing this with my logbook. I keep my own via LogTen pro and everything is up to date electronically and organized. My paper logbooks are all up to date as well and I did not think I really needed this product. Long story short, if you are debating doing this or not with your logbook…DO IT! The logbook is super high quality and looks fantastic. Did I mention the customer service? It’s amazing! They answered my calls or got back to me within minutes, even on the weekend prior to my interview. They will also help you customize your logbook and walk you through best practices. My flight to my interview was delayed six hours. During that time I was able to spend time with the captain and FO. I showed the FO my logbook as he was a relatively new hire and asked his opinion. He was very impressed and said he wished he would have done that for his interview. Fast forward to my interview: my logbook was with the reviewers for very little time and I received a compliment from my interviewer regarding how professional it was and how easy it made the reviewers job. Have I mentioned the customer service yet?! I would give this product and this company 6 stars if I could! Thank you Prosoft! I highly recommend your product to any pilot going to an interview!

Airline Interview Package

I believed that organizing and assembling my eLog and paper logbooks was going to be a monumental task. After receiving a recommendation to use ProSoft Binders, I went to their web site and was sold on the Pilot Interview Package. I am by no means tech savvy but with a short conversation with Trish (and a couple short follow up calls for questions), she was able to walk me through downloading, adjusting pages, and sending the appropriate files for print. I received my printed logbook pages and accessories (binder, portfolio, rented attaché case, etc.) only 3 days later. Following the included instructions and downloading the summary sheets, tables of contents, milestone sheet, and any other form to curtail my logbook, I was easily able to organize and assemble my printed eLog. The day of my interview, during the Logbook interview portion, I was thanked by the interviewer for providing a neat, printed, and tabbed logbook. As well as using the pouch to contain my organized, and tabbed paper logbooks. This portion of my interview was the most dreaded (as I wasn’t a very good keeper of my flight time). Much to my surprise, we spent 90% of the time, exchanging stories, and getting to know each other instead of tediously combing through my logbooks. In fact, we didn’t even open them! The interviewer recorded the times from the Flight Time Summary sheet that was downloaded from prosoftbinders.com and we were done, the Logbook interview portion was complete! I received a call the very next day, after my interview, offering me the First Officer position at Southwest Airlines. Thank you to Trish and ProSoft Binders for helping me make my dream come true!

Airline Interview Package

I completed my interview yesterday and they loved the logbooks (as expected). They did pull out my paper logs, but just thumbed through them and didn't even open the Prosoft binder except to take out my interview time sheet!

They complimented me on everything being in a neat order and loved that they didn't have to dig too deep on anything! There were several others there with Prosoft binders and they got the same feedback!

Can't thank you enough for all of your help! Waiting to hear back on the CJO!

Airline Interview Package

The quality of this logbook, along with the portfolio provided are outstanding. That alone should make this package worthwhile, BUT the support that Prosoft provides free of charge is nothing short of amazing. Make sure to look at the Interview Resources
page and use the templates, they are incredibly helpful. While there were many people and organizations that helped me land my dream job at a legacy carrier, I can honestly say that having my logbook presented in such a detail oriented manner helped tremendously. In my interview group there were a number of people who were called to one side to answer questions specifically about their logbooks. And I am happy to say that I was not one of them. Trish helped me write a statement covering my Turbine PIC time (coming from a 91/135 background) that answered any and all questions for the logbook reviewers. Thank you to everyone at Prosoft!