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Binders and accessories for professional pilots, attorneys and financial planners.

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Pilot Logbooks

Prosoft Pilot Logbook Binders and accessories are tailored to the needs of professional commercial pilots. See our Interview Resources for best practices when preparing your logbook for an interview.


Legal Binders

Impress your clients with a personalized or custom binder from Prosoft Binders. We can stamp your logo on one of our stock binders or create something unique.

What Our Customers Are Saying

My Logbook was absolutely perfect! So perfect in fact, my interviewer spent less than 1 minute looking through it. The “pouch” with my documents was a great help and he said “This is excellent!”. I cannot thank you enough for doing the job so quickly and ensuring I got it in time for my interview. I DID get the job. I was offered and accepted the position with [Company] and I’m positive my logbook helped score some points on my interview. Thank you again for the quick work and if I ever need anything with my logbook again, you will be the first person I reach out to.

Jason E. Irving, TX

It is a great binder. I am an airline pilot. And this binder is great for the day of your interview and the rest of your carrier. Recommend buying the paper as well. Light green. Very profesional looking binder , great quality and customer service.

Russel Hall Amazon Customer

Great looking log book. I printed out my electronic logbook and presented this binder at my airline interview. It looked very sharp. Side note: I ordered the coordinating tabs/dividers directly from Prosoft but didn't use them because the tabs were too large. Only 2 were visible - the rest stacked behind. I needed 5-6 visible from the front page. Ended up using some generic white tabs from an office supply store. They worked better and were only 1.5" long - so all sections were visible from the first page.

M.P. Amazon Customer

Cannot thank Prosoft enough! Trish was super helpful in making sure the file I sent here was formatted correctly and would look great. After placing my order, she followed up to confirm what day I needed it by and she really came through for me. Binder looked great, the printing was excellent, the customer service was wonderful, and I got the job! Thank you!

Jason From Atlanta

I finally got home and was able to see my logbook in person. I just wanted to let you know that everything is absolutely perfect and thank you for such a professional job! I am very impressed and pleased with the final product. I am very excited to see the reaction when I hand my logbook to the interviewers. Thank you again.

Sean G Tiger, GA

Not only are the products professional and neat the customer service is truly next level. Even with shipping issues outside of the control of Prosoft, Trish bent over backwards to help me be prepared for my interview at a small box shipping company based in MEM. I recommend Prosoft to all my friends.

T.W. Prosoft Customer

Great product and outstanding customer support. Trish was extremely helpful. Only negative is the material for the binder & matching portfolio. They have a nice “leather-like” padded appearance and look very professional but they are vinyl. Would have been willing to pay a little extra for an actual leather option. That being said, this was by far the best company I could find for a professional looking product, great customer service, and a reasonable price.

Steve O. Virginia Beach

My Logbook was absolutely perfect!  So perfect in fact, my interviewer spent less than 1 minute looking through it.  The “pouch” with my documents was a great help and he said “This is excellent!”.  I cannot thank you enough for doing the job so quickly and ensuring I got it in time for my interview.  I was offered and accepted the position with [Airline] and I’m positive my logbook helped score some points on my interview.

    What Our Customers Are Saying

    Average rating: 4.8 based on 97 reviews

    Airline Interview Package

    I feel this Logbook interview package was key to my success! Super professional and well organized. The support of the staff was fantastic.

    Basic Pilot Logbook Package

    Wonderful product quality and looks wise and all the suggestions on how to set up the logbook is great! I only wish there were options for smaller binders. The 2" binder seems like it'll take me a full career to fill, but for the next 10-15 years, a smaller binder would be nice to have.

    Airline Interview Package

    I purchased the package and was very impressed with the quality and dedication this company offers with their product. Everyone was envious of my flight logs at the interview. I got zero questions regarding my logbook and was actually praised on how professional my logbook package was. This is money well invested!

    Pilot Logbook Binders

    By far the most professional looking logbook binder I've ever seen! Trish was superb in assisting me with putting the binder together and allowing me to put forth that "extra credit" work. This played an essential part which resulted into landing the job of my dreams!

    Pilot Logbook Binders

    Amazing product and great customer service!! I had an issue with UPS and called Trish in a panic on a Sunday because my interview was in 2 days and they didn't allow digital logbooks and I needed the binder for my interview! Trish was so nice and offered to send me out a new one! Thankfully mine showed up a day later and its beautiful! I have no doubt that the interviewers will be impressed with the organization! Thank you so much Trish!

    Logbook Printing Service

    look great

    Airline Interview Package

    I purchased the Airline Interview Package and all I can say is that I was blown away by the care and attention that ProSoft places in their product. They called to verify all my information and make sure that everything was perfect. I took their product to my Delta interview and there was absolutely ZERO questions from the interview team about my qualifications shown in my logbooks! Thanks again ProSoft! I will be recommending everyone with an upcoming interview to work with you!

    Airline Interview Package

    I purchased the airline interview package and I must say that the level of detail and professionalism in this product is unmatched. Trish/Patricia was extremely helpful and really went out her way to assist with any concerns I had. The product was shipped really fast and I was very pleased on how it all turned out. My interview turned out really well thanks to Prosoft Binders.

    Airline Interview Package

    Dear Prosoft Team,
    I have had one of the most incredible experiences working with you. I cannot thank your professionalism and dedication to me as a customer enough. My logbook ended up looking so incredible after I was done putting it all together. In fact, it looked so good that I felt embarrassed pulling it out while everyone else being interviewed had 2-3 logbooks with yellow sticky notes in them. LOL! They had NO questions for me in regards to my logbook. I received the CJO with United 24hrs later.

    I will be recommending you to anyone I know who plans on interviewing.

    Basic Pilot Logbook Package

    One word - PHENOMENAL. They deserve 10 stars not 5. I suddenly had an interview date and Trish went above and beyond to help and send out a superb quality logbook binder to me that stood out at the interview.

    This isn't an expense, it is an investment and Trish gives you every Dollar worth in return on that investment!

    One of the BEST companies I have worked with.