Airline Interview Package

Impress your interview panel with our Pilot Interview Package. Everything you need for that big interview or meet-and-greet including free phone consulting on materials to include, logbook layout, organization, and tabbing. Our pilots get compliments, zero questions about their logbooks, and CJOs!

What’s Included:

  • FREE Pre-interview Logbook Consulting (what to include; how to organize materials; tabbing options; customizing your package for certain air carriers)
  • Pilot Logbook Ring Binder in black leatherette (3-rings; landscape design)
  • Choice of cover art in gold/silver (commercial wing design; military service wings)
  • Your name on cover (gold/silver)
  • Choice of matching portfolio (Padfolio, Ring Binder, or Zip style designs)
  • Logbook Dividers (set of 5) and Milestone Flags (set of 20)
  • 200 sheets pre-drilled paper (choice Jeppesen green or White — 400 double-sided pages)
  • Clear logbook pouch (for safekeeping documents– passport, licenses, etc)
  • Premium Paper Logbook Organizer
  • Set of business cards (20)
  • Access to our library of Interview Resources including our Best Practices tip sheet
  • Optional: Logbook printing is available at an additional charge (send us your .pdf files)
  • Other Services: Contact our partner Aculog Conversion for paper-to-digital conversions and logbook auditing.

Why Buy?

Our interview package has been refined over the years to provide all the tools you need to go into your interview with confidence. Pockets and organizer tabs keep everything at your fingertips. Our customers report how impressed their interviewers were with their logbook presentation package. This package is a must for all major air carrier interviews. 



  • Material: Black leatherette
  • Orientation: Landscape
  • Construction: 1½” slant-D rings | Fully padded | Turned-and-sewn edges
  • Interior: Black liner | Pocket | Clear card holder
  • Capacity: 200+ sheets (400 double sided pgs) | Letter or A4 paper
  • Dimensions:  9 x 13½ x 2”


  • Material: Black leatherette
  • Orientation: Portrait
  • Construction: Foam padded | turned-and-sewn edges
  • Interior: Two pockets | Pen loop
  • Dimensions: 12 x 9½ x ¼” 

Ring Binder: 

  • Material: Black leatherette
  • Orientation: Portrait
  • Construction: 3/4” round rings | Fully padded | Turned-and-sewn edges
  • Interior: Two pockets | Three 3/4” round rings
  • Dimensions: 11½ 10 x 1¼” 

Organizer Tabs: 

  • Material: White cardstock. 
  • Orientation:  Landscape
  • Quantity: 4 plain tabs and 13 numbered ½” milestone flags
  • Dimensions: 8½ x 11 (plus ½” tab extension)


  • Material: Clear vinyl
  • Orientation: Landscape
  • Construction: Heat sealed edges | Top Loading
  • Dimensions: 9 x 12”  


  • Material: Pre-drilled 24lb bond | white/green 
  • Orientation: Landscape
  • Quantity: 200 sheets (400 double sided pgs). 24lb paper
  • Dimensions: 8½ x 11” (US letter size)

Business Cards: 

  • Material: White cardstock
  • Quantity: Pack of 20
  • Dimensions: 3½ x 2”

Total Weight: 6 lbs


Order Processing: Standard internal processing 2-3 business days. RUSH processing (add’l $39 fee) guarantees package ships next business day.

Shipping/Transit Time —  Domestic Orders to Lower 48: Standard time in transit is 1-5 days via UPS ground (to most of FL 1 day; Eastern and central states 2-3 days; Midwest and West 4-5 days).  Alaska/Hawaii:  Orders ship via USPS Priority Mail unless otherwise requested. MUST have it by a certain date? Choose UPS Express.

International Orders: UPS Express International (2-4 days transit time).

Special Requests: Need it REALLY FAST? Shipped to your hotel? Delivered early morning? On a Saturday?  Contact Us  or call (386) 462-0028 to discuss your special request.

Binders with AIR FORCE COMMAND WINGS are temporarily out of stock until mid-April.

SAVE on our complete interview package. Personalized logbook. Matching Portfolio. Paper. Tabs. Logbook Pouch. Business Cards. Premium Paper Logbook Organizer.



(71 customer reviews)

Step 1: Personalize Your Package

Would you like your name imprinted on the cover of your logbook?

  • Name on cover *

  • Name to Imprint *

Step 2: Choose Cover Art

  • Cover Art Wings / Color *

Step 3: Choose a Paper Color

  • Paper Color *

Step 4: Select A Matching Portfolio

  • Choose Portfolio Type *

    Portfolio Padfolio + Original price was: $45.00.Current price is: $0.00.
    Portfolio Ring Binder + Original price was: $50.00.Current price is: $5.00.
    Portfolio Zipper Style + Original price was: $60.00.Current price is: $15.00.

Step 5: Add Logbook Printing (Optional)

  • Add Logbook Printing *

  • Info About Printing Services *

    Binder Capacity:200 Sheets (400 printed pages)
    Paper Packs:200 Sheets each
    Printing Costs:$50 for first 100 pages / $0.20 each additional page
  • How many pages to print * $50.00

  • Number of Additional Pages *

  • Additional Page Printing Cost *

  • Logbook file *

  • Upload your logbook file *

    Max file size: 50 MBPermitted file types: pdf psd

  • Logbook file not ready: *

    e-mail it to:[email protected]




71 reviews for Airline Interview Package

  1. Oleg Sendzyuk

    I had a terrific customer service experience in helping me prepare for my interview. My logbook made me feel very well presented to the interviewing team. I was able to call and get multiple insights from Prosoftbinders on every area to make my day go well and it helped result in a CJO from Delta.

  2. LB

    Just got back from my interview with AA and got the CJO the same day! Patricia McLelland went above and beyond to help me and wow, what a product! in just a few weeks before my interview she made sure I would get everything necessary to have the best presentation and it was, Trish would always answer my questions and everything she sent me with the package had detailed explanation on how to organize flight times, experience, training and milestones, beautiful binder with tabs that made it easy for the recruiters to see all that information. I am grateful for Prosoft Binders and especially Trish for her professionalism and dedication.

  3. Melvan S.

    I received my CJO from United today and I wanted to thank you for all your help! The logbook looked amazing and I was asked zero questions during the interview about my logbook which meant the logbook did it’s job. I am recommending your product to all my friends looking to apply at the majors. Thanks again, you are very appreciated.

  4. Scott H.

    Wanted to let you know Delta loved my logbook, got zero questions about it, and I got the job offer! Thank you so much for the amazing experience. Your service and help is top notch. I will send as many people your way as I can.

  5. DAN

    They did an amazing job printing, organizing, and giving the best info regarding interviews and logbook organization. They provide, in my experience, the best service in the market by far.

  6. Bryan

    I can’t thank this team enough for an absolutely outstanding product. When you buy a product, you don’t just get the physical object, but you also receive a ton of information regarding best practices to setup your logbook and plenty of resources to make the logbook your own. You also get the support of an absolutely incredible team. Thank you so much Trish and Diane! You are awesome. Highly recommend this product!

  7. Tom

    Absolutely phenomenal product and ESPECIALLY their customer service. Due to an oversight on my part, the customized binder that I ordered did not arrive as early as I expected. Prosoft printed my new inserts, and brought an non-customized binder to the conference that I was attending and loaned it to me for the duration of the conference. The airlines that I did meet and greets with all had positive feedback from our discussions and those that saw the binder said it was all very professional looking. Having such a wonderful product helped to set me at ease during meet and greets and I have already secured inteviews based on how those went. Thanks Prosoft!

  8. Spencer

    What can I say about the team at Prosoft?
    Above and beyond in every respect. I would say that you are buying more than just a logbook binder. You are getting experience. The kind of expertise that comes from having helped hundreds of pilots prepare for interviews at a variety of companies and receiving direct feedback of what the interviewers thought of their logbooks. Having all my flight time records displayed in such a presentable package allowed me to focus my attention on the multitude of potential questions I was faced with on interview day. Not only did the interviewers comment on how well organized my logbooks were, they appreciated the extra effort on my part to present them with easily digestible information. I left my interview with a CJO! Big thanks to the Prosoft team!!

  9. Rami

    Exceeded my expectations. What a fantastic human being Trish is! Guided me throughout the process and took her time to explain everything to me step by step. Couldn’t believe when I received an email saying your product has been shipped, it literally took less than 2 days to have the logbook in my hands. Thanks again for this fantastic product and 10 star customer service!!!!

  10. Casey Cannon

    I really appreciate the direct contact received as soon as I ordered to check that I was going to have everything I needed! It really shows how great of a company y’all are running. The level of customer service is unheard of anymore! I was a bit skeptical at first but it was worth every penny!

    The logbook committee at American Airlines not only thanked me for coming so prepared but used my logbook as an example to the few people who showed up unprepared. I believe everyone who didn’t have a prepared logbook were unfortunately not selected when moving to the review board. They really loved the flight summary sheets and the breakdowns. Thank you!

  11. Jed

    Amazing product! The best customer service I have ever experienced! I was honestly on the fence about doing this with my logbook. I keep my own via LogTen pro and everything is up to date electronically and organized. My paper logbooks are all up to date as well and I did not think I really needed this product. Long story short, if you are debating doing this or not with your logbook…DO IT! The logbook is super high quality and looks fantastic. Did I mention the customer service? It’s amazing! They answered my calls or got back to me within minutes, even on the weekend prior to my interview. They will also help you customize your logbook and walk you through best practices. My flight to my interview was delayed six hours. During that time I was able to spend time with the captain and FO. I showed the FO my logbook as he was a relatively new hire and asked his opinion. He was very impressed and said he wished he would have done that for his interview. Fast forward to my interview: my logbook was with the reviewers for very little time and I received a compliment from my interviewer regarding how professional it was and how easy it made the reviewers job. Have I mentioned the customer service yet?! I would give this product and this company 6 stars if I could! Thank you Prosoft! I highly recommend your product to any pilot going to an interview!

    • Patricia McLelland

      Thank you for your wonderful review, Jed. We are delighted you had such a great experience and congrats on your new career.

  12. Stephen F.

    I believed that organizing and assembling my eLog and paper logbooks was going to be a monumental task. After receiving a recommendation to use ProSoft Binders, I went to their web site and was sold on the Pilot Interview Package. I am by no means tech savvy but with a short conversation with Trish (and a couple short follow up calls for questions), she was able to walk me through downloading, adjusting pages, and sending the appropriate files for print. I received my printed logbook pages and accessories (binder, portfolio, rented attaché case, etc.) only 3 days later. Following the included instructions and downloading the summary sheets, tables of contents, milestone sheet, and any other form to curtail my logbook, I was easily able to organize and assemble my printed eLog. The day of my interview, during the Logbook interview portion, I was thanked by the interviewer for providing a neat, printed, and tabbed logbook. As well as using the pouch to contain my organized, and tabbed paper logbooks. This portion of my interview was the most dreaded (as I wasn’t a very good keeper of my flight time). Much to my surprise, we spent 90% of the time, exchanging stories, and getting to know each other instead of tediously combing through my logbooks. In fact, we didn’t even open them! The interviewer recorded the times from the Flight Time Summary sheet that was downloaded from and we were done, the Logbook interview portion was complete! I received a call the very next day, after my interview, offering me the First Officer position at Southwest Airlines. Thank you to Trish and ProSoft Binders for helping me make my dream come true!

  13. Travis Higgins

    I completed my interview yesterday and they loved the logbooks (as expected). They did pull out my paper logs, but just thumbed through them and didn’t even open the Prosoft binder except to take out my interview time sheet!
    They complimented me on everything being in a neat order and loved that they didn’t have to dig too deep on anything! There were several others there with Prosoft binders and they got the same feedback!
    Can’t thank you enough for all of your help! Waiting to hear back on the CJO!

  14. Henry D.

    The quality of this logbook, along with the portfolio provided are outstanding. That alone should make this package worthwhile, BUT the support that Prosoft provides free of charge is nothing short of amazing. Make sure to look at the Interview Resources
    page and use the templates, they are incredibly helpful. While there were many people and organizations that helped me land my dream job at a legacy carrier, I can honestly say that having my logbook presented in such a detail oriented manner helped tremendously. In my interview group there were a number of people who were called to one side to answer questions specifically about their logbooks. And I am happy to say that I was not one of them. Trish helped me write a statement covering my Turbine PIC time (coming from a 91/135 background) that answered any and all questions for the logbook reviewers. Thank you to everyone at Prosoft!

  15. John B

    In a business that depends on details, this package will make your logbook shine. I was beyond impressed with how my logbook was neat and organized. Trish talked me through adding summaries and other professional tips to make the logbook stand out! Thank You!

  16. Doug E.

    For possibly the most important interview of your life you probably get a haircut, maybe a new suit and shine your shoes. Do the same for your logbooks. I received nothing short of high praise by SWA & AA in reference to the professional organization and presentation of my logbooks. Just cannot say enough about this product and the support received by Trish and her crew. 5 STARS..! Thank You..!

  17. Talal Saber

    I can’t say enough good things about the logbook. These folks are absolutely amazing! The quality of their airline logbook binders is second to none, and their customer service is fantastic. They shipped my order lightning fast, and I felt really valued as a customer thanks to their excellent communication. I’m so grateful to have found such a great product and a great company. I highly recommend!

  18. Ken T.

    Thank you for the support in putting together a great product for my interview with Southwest Airlines. I’m proud to say that I was hired and I feel that the money I spent on my Interview package was a great investment in my future with Southwest! I’m also happy I won’t have to prep another logbook like that again!! Thank you so much!!

  19. John

    Solid product! Arrived fast and as advertised. Trish was helpful making my Excel product logbook shine in the logbook. I used it for 6 interviews and got no questions, one interview thanked me for bringing an immaculate logbook and another said it was the best looking book they’d seen.

    If you’re looking for a top notch product, look no further!

  20. Desmond Bunnell

    I really appreciate Trish & Prosoft Binders for the excellent customer service, products, and reliability for the interview process. I had interviews with two major airlines this year and I got CJOs with both of them! I owe a portion lot of the credit to Prosoft Binders for helping my logbook be polished and prepped for the interviews! In addition, they also had extra products that came in very handy! Both the portfolios and the leather bags they offer will help keep you organized and go into the interview looking sharp and a cut above! I can’t praise this company enough! Definitely add them to your list for interview prep and spread the word!

  21. Austin H.

    Prosoft Binders is the way to go to leave a lasting impression on your interviewers of professionalism. Trish was an amazing help and resource throughout my initial interest and questions I had regarding the logbook, all the way through the logbook consulting session to gain insight on how they offer their templates to make a squared away product. Although I did not ultimately utilize the logbook to the extent provided due to my legacy airline interview being specific on requested items/format, the product you pay for from Prosoft is unmatched in this market and I had no questions/issues with my logbook. This full package was well worth the money, and you will have nothing but a pleasant experience and excellent customer service with Trish and Prosoft.

  22. Zach

    Trish and her team was an absolute pleasure to work with. Rest assured that prosoft binders will make you look your best for your airline interview. You will start out on the right foot with the interview panel. Trish does a great job reassuring you and walking you through the entire process. They will be sure you are completely satisfied with your product. I highly recommend prosoft binders!

  23. Alex C

    An incredible package for one of the biggest days of your life. Worth every penny. The team at Prosoft is unbelievable. Every call I made was answered even on weekends. There were zero logbook questions at two legacy airlines. They provide a fantastic product and am so glad they helped my logbook stand apart.

  24. Sean S.

    The interview with [My First Choice Airline] went really well yesterday. I got the CJO on the spot. My logbooks were complimented by the other interview candidates yesterday, I was asked zero questions about my stolen logbook and I owe it all to the resources you provided. I think that says a lot about the presentation your logbooks give upfront.

  25. Ryan G.

    The interviewer at American said he held up my logbook and showed another interviewer and said “Now this is a log book!”

  26. Brad Dubuisson

    30 people in my interview class, one other gentlemen used your service. We were 2 of the 5 that had no logbook issues and no questions in regards for logbooks. Thank you for the preparation you did with my log book and reducing one of the aspects with the interview.

    I GOT A JOB OFFER FROM JETBLUE. I’m 100% certain your services were crucial in my interview process!

  27. Wright Henry

    I wanted to thank you for the fantastic logbook and support. I had my interview with Spirit today and my interviewer commented on how nice the binder was and how easy it was to find all the information. He even wrote “Great Presentation” on his notes in regards to the logbook. The Prosoft binder really does make an outstanding impression and set a positive tone for the rest of the interview. By the way, I got the job! Thank you!

  28. Tim McAndrew

    So I used Prosoft to interview at United and Delta. I had 2 paper logbooks that were garbage (time not added up, not tabbed) but had an electronic logbook that was a line for line transfer. At both interviews I turned in my Prosoft binder with my 2 paper logbooks. When I got into the interview room, my logbooks were off to the side during the interview. At the end of each interview they handed me back my logbooks and they had zero questions about my logbook. They each commented on how well put together the Prosoft binder was.

    So if you want something that presents very nicely, follow their format, take the free log book review and go into the interview with confidence.

  29. Chris Gartner

    I feel this Logbook interview package was key to my success! Super professional and well organized. The support of the staff was fantastic.

  30. Jose L.

    I purchased the package and was very impressed with the quality and dedication this company offers with their product. Everyone was envious of my flight logs at the interview. I got zero questions regarding my logbook and was actually praised on how professional my logbook package was. This is money well invested!

  31. John O’Driscoll

    I purchased the Airline Interview Package and all I can say is that I was blown away by the care and attention that ProSoft places in their product. They called to verify all my information and make sure that everything was perfect. I took their product to my Delta interview and there was absolutely ZERO questions from the interview team about my qualifications shown in my logbooks! Thanks again ProSoft! I will be recommending everyone with an upcoming interview to work with you!

  32. ortiz0913

    I purchased the airline interview package and I must say that the level of detail and professionalism in this product is unmatched. Trish/Patricia was extremely helpful and really went out her way to assist with any concerns I had. The product was shipped really fast and I was very pleased on how it all turned out. My interview turned out really well thanks to Prosoft Binders.

  33. Angelo H.

    Dear Prosoft Team,
    I have had one of the most incredible experiences working with you. I cannot thank your professionalism and dedication to me as a customer enough. My logbook ended up looking so incredible after I was done putting it all together. In fact, it looked so good that I felt embarrassed pulling it out while everyone else being interviewed had 2-3 logbooks with yellow sticky notes in them. LOL! They had NO questions for me in regards to my logbook. I received the CJO with United 24hrs later.

    I will be recommending you to anyone I know who plans on interviewing.

  34. Charles Gore

    Trish did an amazing job getting me ready for my interview every step of the way. Fantastic customer service and the product was unmatched. I received several compliments from the panel and they were very impressed with the professional image it projected. I can say with confidence that this helped score the job of my dreams. Do yourself right – this is the best money I have spent in years. Thanks Trish!

  35. L.C.

    Great product and even better customer service. Trish was extremely helpful in assembling a logbook that earned compliments at my recent interview. Having everything from 24 years of logbook/endorsements presented in one location made it easy, and not having to answer any logbook questions is a great way to start the interview!

  36. Leith

    Unbelievably helpful and professional. Definitely exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend. Trish was so helpful. I did the airline package for my interview with Delta. Trish really helped my to make sure that my logbook was really well organized for my interview. I was missing a logbook from early on in my flying career and she helped my so I could better explain and document what had happened and the proper verbiage to put on a coversheet. She also walked me through the timeline/milestone coversheet. I was behind in getting it printed and she helped me get it printed and overnighted for my interview. I really felt like my logbook stood out in my interview class.

    Thank you Trish!

  37. Austin J. Bassett

    Great product,

    Looked the best compared to my peers.

  38. Lowell

    Being extremely prepared and organized for the most important interview of your life can’t be overemphasized. Walking in to my interview and having my logbook digitally printed and organized really stood out from other candidates. Having the briefcase was a nice unspoken touch as well. If you’re serious about taking your first impression (logbook) with your firm in mind seriously, this Airline Interview Package by Prosoft is worth every penny.

    Trish thank you so much for helping me get hired on with United!

  39. Ben Forsythe

    Fantastic product and outstanding service! I ordered on a Wednesday and received it on Saturday! The quality of the binder as well as the materials and tabs included were great but the support I received through email and over the phone was unexpected and much appreciated. I was scheduled for an interview with a major fractional company sooner than anticipated and having this done quickly and in a format suitable for the interview went a long way in the interview process. The plus was getting the job offer! I would (and have) recommend Trish and the team to anyone looking for organization and/or an edge at the interview!

  40. Taylor

    I’m very particular when it comes to my logbook and I was blown away with the quality logbook Prosoft Binders created. They were fast, professional, and great at communicating. I sent the wrong format to print and realized it a few days before my interview with FedEx and Trish was very helpful with getting it corrected to ease my stress. I would highly recommend Prosoft Binders for any airline interview. I’m so glad I heard about them from a Delta jumpseater. Thank you, Prosoft Binders!

  41. Mike

    5 Stars all the way for Trish and Prosoft Binders. From quality of product to customer service – this is a common theme on all reviews and I echo all of these statements. I was blown away with how everything turned out. All the helpful hints/instructions and extras really helped put everything over the top, giving me much more confidence presenting my logbooks for review and could tell the interviewers appreciated the extra effort. Trish, you’re a saint. Thank you very much to you and the rest of your team!!!

  42. Aaron

    I came to Prosoft Binders off recommendations from a few friends at my airline who used them for the big interview. Trisha was wonderful and helped me work through the process of getting all the information I needed to set up my airline interview package order. She was very responsive and helped make the process a pleasurable experience. I had to make some last minute changes before my order was shipped but Trisha worked to make sure everything arrived on time. The quality of the logbook and the professional appearance of the sections within it are unmatched. I have no doubt it made the interview process that much smoother as well. You can trust this company to provide you with quality material and exceptional customer service.

  43. Sean Thornton

    You would be wise to get this package before your next major airline interview. Leave no doubt in the interviewer’s mind, that you came prepared to present your best.

    Trish and her team went WAY OVER and beyond what I expected to get my package put together and shipped under late notice (of my own doing). My interviewers thanked me for making their job so much easier, and that being said, I got my dream job! I can’t thank this team enough for what they did. Money well spent

  44. Michael F.

    My advice to you is DO NOT go to your next airline interview without a logbook from Prosoft Binders. I ordered the interview package and I highly recommend this! I was very impressed that Trish would answer the phone every time that I called. She took the time to answer all my questions and was very patient with me and I could truly tell she wanted me to be successful in my interview! My logbook arrived sooner than I expected thanks to the prompt printing and shipping provided by Prosoft. Upon receiving my logbook and padfolio I was thrilled at how professional everything looked! Not only did I score bonus points in my interview by presenting a clean and organized logbook, but I was offered the job at my first choice airline!! Thank you Trish for helping me turn my dream into a reality!

  45. Payum Abtahi

    Patricia and the ProSoft Team are awesome!! My logbook looks incredible. Not only did I want this for interviews, but also for my own personal keeping to update throughout the rest of my career. It truly delivers your story in a professional and organized manner. In addition, the customer service was incredible, personal, and prompt. I will highly recommend this to all of my friends. Thank you!!!

  46. Brian S

    This logbook exceeded my expectations, and then some! Every aspect of this package, from the binder to the business cards, is something that any pilot would be proud to place on the table at an interview. If there was a picture of the what a true professional’s logbook should look like, this would be it. Additionally, the customer service provided by Trish is absolutely second to none- fast shipping, and great availability for questions via phone and email. I will be sending all my friends here as they prepare for their interviews.

  47. leifaholmstrand

    The ProSoft Team has 2 invaluable assets that I cannot speak highly enough of: First, their products and services are thorough, professional, fast, and downright exceptional; Secondly, they give you that desired feeling of confidence going in to your interview that makes you happy and proud to show your work and have it reviewed… Take your logbook from digital to dynamic.

  48. Benjamin Khader

    I cannot recommend enough. I’ve referred all my fellow pilots to Prosoft. Makes logbook review a breeze. You look professional and organized, something all companies are looking for in their pilot groups. Customer service was quick and responsive , Trish especially was super helpful . When I needed a reprint overnight before my interview, they were there to save the day. Many thanks

  49. Corey F.

    Corey F.
    May 17, 2021
    My logbook review with [Major Airline] went great and I was offered a CJO for June 28th class date. The chief pilot spent less than 10 minutes looking through my logbook and had nothing at all to critique. I’m convinced it’s because of the professional looking and organized product your company provided me with. Thank you again for your help! Hopefully I’ll have lots of guys and gals heading your way soon!!

  50. Holly C.

    April 29, 2021
    Patricia with Prosoft binders is absolutely amazing. I forgot to get my logbook printed for an interview until less than a week prior to needing it. I emailed her and explained the rush I was in. She was on vacation but still called me the same day and put a rush order on my logbook book. I contacted her on a Wednesday and had my logbook in hand Saturday morning before 10am. The logbook itself looks amazing! It’s so well organized and has options to type out table of contents pages which makes it so easy so interviewers to find all the important information quickly and easily. 1,000% would recommend this to everyone! Great customer service, great product. You will not be disappointed!

  51. Jason Eichenberg

    My Logbook was absolutely perfect! So perfect in fact, my interviewer spent less than 1 minute looking through it. The “pouch” with my documents was a great help and he said “This is excellent!”. I cannot thank you enough for doing the job so quickly and ensuring I got it in time for my interview. I DID get the job. I was offered and accepted the position with [Company] and I’m positive my logbook helped score some points on my interview. Thank you again for the quick work and if I ever need anything with my logbook again, you will be the first person I reach out to.

  52. TW

    Not only are the products professional and neat the customer service is truly next level. Even with shipping issues outside of the control of Prosoft, Trish bent over backwards to help me be prepared for my interview at a small box shipping company based in MEM. I recommend Prosoft to all my friends.

  53. T. Klark

    I am convinced that having a professional, high-quality logbook helped me achieve my goal. I recommend your service to all my friends/coworkers.

  54. Steve Owen

    Great product and outstanding customer support. Trish was extremely helpful. Only negative is the material for the binder & matching portfolio. They have a nice “leather-like” padded appearance and look very professional but they are vinyl. Would have been willing to pay a little extra for an actual leather option. That being said, this was by far the best company I could find for a professional looking product, great customer service, and a reasonable price

  55. Sean Gilford

    I finally got home and was able to see my logbook in person. I just wanted to let you know that everything is absolutely perfect and thank you for such a professional job! I am very impressed and pleased with the final product. I am very excited to see the reaction when I hand my logbook to the interviewers. Thank you again.

  56. Mike Erickson

    The product is as described. Very professional looking. I was able to add a lot of supporting documents to the logbook. Customer service is above anything I have expected. World class. Appreciate the fast and timely emails. Trish was very helpful, plus there are some additional things sent to suggest how you set it up.

  57. Martin Symonette

    I am very pleased as I received my E-Logbook today. Everything is perfect. The lady (Trish) who helped me on the telephone at 11pm the night I ordered made sure everything was aligned for printing. I recommend this service to anyone, it really saves a lot of time.

  58. Keiko P.

    I just received my logbook and I am totally blown away as to how great it looks. Thank you so much for the excellent work.

  59. Taylor S.

    This is by far the best electronic logbook printing option! The quality of the logbook and dividers is amazing, and working with Patricia to have my logbook printed was very easy. She goes above and beyond to make sure your logbook is perfect, as well as discuss preparation for the interview (if that is the reason you are ordering a logbook). I give ProSoft my highest recommendation!

  60. Jason Kosteniuk

    I recommend this product for anyone getting ready for an interview! From the great customer service to the amazing quality of the logbook and attention to detail this will make your presentation stand out. Trish offers awesome customer service with quick response times to help you get what you need.

  61. Roger Avila

    Highly recommend, especially for those with digital logbooks. Comes out looking very clean, organized, and professional. Also, if needed last minute, they will go the extra 20 miles to help you get it to you super fast!

  62. Jeff

    Everything looked very professional. I’ve used an electronic logbook for years and needed it printed. The prints looked great, were affordable, and the service was very fast. I highly recommend using this product and service if you’ve got an interview coming up.

  63. Constantine Zeronine

    My logbook was by far the best out of twenty candidates at the interview! It was so good and professional. Not only does ProSoft have an excellent product, but Trish went above and beyond to make sure my logbook would meet the highest standards and put so much work into it. There were difficulties in the print out of the software, nevertheless the final product couldn’t have been better. Thank you sooo much ProSoft, you’re the best! Constantine.

  64. Sarah Memmer

    This was a great decision! It was convenient ordering the package and having everything you need all come at once. The professional look of this logbook I believe will help with my presentation at an interview. It makes me feel more organized. The customer service was great too!

  65. Benjamin Bechard

    Can’t recommend them enough. Very great company to work with. Even though it may seem like a lot to print your logbook for $100, it comes out extremely professional.

  66. G. Ribeiro

    The customer service here is outstanding. On a very tight deadline, I called to inquire on how quickly they could fill an order. Less than five hours later after the initial phone call, the completed product was in transit by FedEx. The logbook and portfolio are very high quality and look very professional. The interviewer even commented on how nice everything looked (easy way to win points). I would recommend this package to anyone preparing for an interview.

  67. Charlie

    I am very impressed with the level of quality of the complete interview package. From the logbook itself to the print to the fast shipping, it’s worth every penny and much more. Invest in some peace of mind for your upcoming interview with ProSoft Binders. A must have for LogTen Pro users!!

  68. Paul

    Patricia is great, and really helped me explain how to get everything set up. Only took a few days to get it. Gave me good peace of mind so I can focus on other things. Thank you

  69. Nina D.

    We just got the logbook interview package. It looks FABULOUS! Everything about it – the binder, the paper, the printing quality – just superb. Your attention to detail throughout the entire ordering process was extraordinary, even when I had multiple last minute changes. I cannot thank you enough. Prepping for a major airline interview is extremely stressful, and having ProSoft Binders produce the logbook was one of the best decisions we’ve made. I will definitely recommend your services to others!

  70. A. Lewis

    Great service and a great binder. Shipped fast! Thank you!!

  71. Aram Basmadjian

    I was very impressed with both the quality of the product and the great customer service that I received. I ordered my Pilot Interview Package and Logbook Printing Services on Monday morning and had the completed logbook in my hands on Thursday. That was despite the fact that Florida (where ProSoft Binders is located) had just been hit by Hurricane Irma the day before. I did not even order expedited processing! Trish called me on Monday to discuss my order and go over a few details. The finished product is beautiful. The print quality is fantastic! When the package arrived, UPS left it on the porch and it was raining. When I got home and picked up the box, it was wet on the bottom and I was concerned that the logbook would be ruined. The packaging inside was carefully wrapped and sealed in bubble wrap and nothing was damaged or wet. I am very pleased with the results and it really is a bargain for the price that is charged. This is a turnkey logbook printing solution that is sure to impress anyone that looks at your logbook.

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