Rent-A-Briefcase for your Next Interview or Meet/Greet

Make a great first impression at your next interview or meet/greet! Carry your logbooks and paperwork in one of our high-quality briefcases, now available for rent with no long-term commitment.  These full-grain leather briefcases are from premium brands Coach and Jack Georges (hand-made in New Jersey). New prices for these bags range from $400-850–but you can rent one starting at $65 and ship it back when finished (price includes a return shipping label).  We have a variety of colors and designs, most with shoulder straps, and in styles that work for both women and men. We check each bag to ensure your Prosoft Logbook and other materials will fit.

If interested, call me at (386) 462-0028 or email [email protected] and I’ll respond with details.

Coach Briefcse Black 2

Thanks very much. Trish McLelland